Rotary Park

What's in Rotary Park: A number of static displays of machinery and farming implements from the past are on display in this picturesque park near the Broken Creek.

Items include: steam locomotive, traction engines, tractors, wagons, ploughs, harvesters, etc.

This area includes the Frank Yarwood Pavilion. This pavilion is named after Frank Yarwood (1916-1981) who spent all his life in this district except for his War Service in WWII. After leaving school Frank began farming on the property of his father, James Yarwood. His grandfather, Alfred Yarwood, was a pioneer settler having taken up a selection of 320 acres south of Waaia in 1890. The farming implements displayed here are from the days when horses were the only source of power. Farmers were totally dependent on their horse teams for their livelihood: tilling the soil, planting, harvesting and hauling wagons for the transport of their goods. Frank restored fourteen implements back to working condition. He felt there was a need to leave a legacy showing the early pioneers’ style of farming, for the interest and education of future generations.

Also situated in the Park is the Numurkah Signature Brick Millennium Marker, which acknowledges many of the local organisations, businesses and families that have been associated with the town over the years.

Near the train, is an interpretive sign outlining the background of each of the items on display in the Park.

Frank Yarwood Pavilion & Steam Traction Engines