Existing Historical Buildings of the Town

Some of Numurkah's Existing Historic Buildings (with facades still intact)

McNamara's Real Estate, originally the State Savings Bank, built in 1912.

56 Melville St.

Numurkah Hotel, built in 1911. Originally this was a wooden building at 56 Melville St.

58 Melville St.

Telegraph Hotel, built in 1890's, originally being a wooden building on this site from 1882.

Telegraph Hotel, without its verandah.

81-83 Melville St.

Court House, built in 1890. Prior to this, court sessions were held in hotel "dining rooms" and the Mechanics Institute.

Court House, now used by private businesses.

43 Melville St.

Federal Stores building which housed a number of businesses over the years. This area was rebuilt after fire destroyed wooden buildings.

Federal Stores building

38 - 40 Melville St.

Bank of Victoria, built in 1892. Originally the bank was located in a wooden building at the other end of the main street.

Numurkah Historical Society Museum

118-120 Melville St.

Mechanics Institute was built in 1883 and was used for meetings, dances, movies, library, etc.

Mechanics Institute (later to become various businesses including hardware and furniture)

60-62 Melville St.

Star Bakery and Dental Practice.

Star Bakery and Dentist. These buildings were constructed in the 1880's after fire destroyed the wooden buildings in this area. A bakery and a dental practice remained in these buildings until the 1970's.

66 - 68 Melville St.

Chemist - first brick building in town, 1881. Chemists involved in this business over the years, include: T Crawford, F A Guenther, Mr McFarlane.

In recent years, this building has hosted hairdressing businesses and now hosts a real estate agent.

70 Melville St.

Numurkah Leader building, 1896. Prior to this building, the Numurkah Leader was located in a wooden building just south of the present site.

Numurkah Leader, without original verandah. Fire destroyed the building in the mid-1980's apart from the facade which remained intact.

88 Melville St.

Water Tower, built in 1889, consisting of a 70 foot tower of 70000 bricks, with an iron tank of 15 tons on top.

Water Tower, decommissioned in the 1980's.

Corner of Gray and Knox Streets.

Numurkah State School, brick building first constructed in 1883, with further extensions completed in the following 30 years.

Numurkah Primary School, now includes timber buildings (1960's) and further buildings completed in the 1990's & 2000's.

18 Quinn St.

St John's Catholic Church, was built in 1902. Prior to this, church gatherings were conducted in a wooden church which was moved several times eventually ending up as part of St Joseph's School next door.

St John's Catholic Church. On the north side of the church is still the Presbytery, which was built in 1889.

16 Tocumwal Rd.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, was built in 1883, with final "finishes" taking another 5 years. The hall next door was completed in 1914.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church was gutted by fire in 2015, but all walls and facade were saved. The church was re-opened in 2018.

62 Saxton St.

Dining Room, Railway Gate Hotel, 1883. This building was originally situated at the corner of McDonald & Knox Streets. When the hotel closed, the room was moved to the corner of McCaskill & Quinn Streets for use as a RSL Hall.

Numurkah Town Band Hall. The Town Band then purchased the room in 1948. In the 1970's it was moved to its current location.

Corner of Gray and Knox Streets

Railway Footbridge. The railway came to Numurkah in 1881. The footbridge over the railways tracks was built in 1890, to make it quicker for pedestrians to move towards the main streets of the town.

Railway Footbridge. The Numurkah Railway Station closed in 1993, but the footbridge still remains.

Railway Place